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Outboard Motor Tracking

Marine theft is on the increase and we have been inundated with inquiries from worried boat owners. Halo Group specialises in Asset Tracking and has been providing covert Outboard Motor Tracking and Security systems to water enthusiasts globally, for years. Greg McGarry of Halo Group takes a look at the issue…

Marine Outboard Theft: What’s the story?

Well, marine engines are an easy target as they are frequently left unattended for extended periods and are quite valuable. Thieves can quickly convert your boat engine into cash. Make no mistake, this is organised crime, not opportunistic, common or garden variety theft! Gangs are gathering stolen engines and shipping them to their destination countries in shipping containers. These criminals are often involved in shipping other items, such as used clothing gathered for ‘charity purposes’ from an unsuspecting public. A shipping container loaded with ‘rags’ attracts less suspicion.

Outboard Motor Security: Where are the engines being stolen from?

Clearly, an unattended engine in a public place is at greater risk than one under lock and key in a garage. That said, criminals are being increasingly brazen in their endeavours. There have been several multi-engine thefts from boatyards recently. The weakness here is that many Dealers will have security in the premises themselves, perhaps even gates to the front but the waterway to the rear is often exposed or, at best, poorly secured. Even landlocked premises have fallen victim to theft with gates being forced open and the most valuable engines extracted, even to the point of moving craft out of the way to facilitate it. Few yards have external intruder detector systems for the areas inside the gates but outside the main premises.

Halo Group’s Outboard Motor Tracking systems will protect your engine while it’s at the dealer, in the boatyard, at your home or even on the water. Yes, protection is even required on the water. In fact, your engine is probably most at risk of theft if it is left on a mooring. We have seen many examples of engines being removed from the hull using any and all means necessary, including sinking the boat by cutting the transom.

Outboard Motor Tracking: How can our systems protect your marine engine?

Thieves will strike at night and, under cover of darkness, cut your boat’s mooring tie and tow the boat to a quiet area where they can work without fear of being spotted. On water storage of boats makes detection of theft difficult as the natural movement of the water would trigger any motion sensor. However, Halo Group’s professional Outboard Motor Tracking systems have an optional accessory RF radio tag that wirelessly tethers the hull to the engine so that separation can trigger an alert and you can send the police to recover your engine.

Salt, High-Temperature & Vibration all come as part and parcel of daily life with marine engines. Our Outboard Motor Tracking hardware is designed specifically to cope with such conditions.

Depending on the hardware, you can either locate your stolen engine via Smartphone App, Tablet or via PC. Push notifications for events that you wish to be notified for are available on some systems.

Halo Group’s Outboard Motor Tracking systems: What makes our systems different?

With over twelve years of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t:


As mentioned in the article, our Marine & Outboard Motor Tracking systems are designed to cope with Marine Environments. They are protected against salt corrosion, high-temperature & vibration.


Outboard engines do not provide sufficient power to energise tracking systems. Therefore, our systems have in-built power to power them for several years. The number of years depends on the frequency of location updates you require from the system. That may be just once daily or several times per day.


We know what makes Outboard Motor Tracking systems obvious. We help each customer make our hardware disappear -but we’re not going to say anymore about that here. You never know who’s reading!


We take time to understand your exact requirements and can customise the solution to match. We really do want you to tell your friends about us and we love the publicity when we recover stuff! 🙂

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