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Outboard Motor Tracking

Outboard Motor Tracking

Marine theft is on the increase and we have been inundated with inquiries from worried boat owners. Halo Group specialises in Asset Tracking and has been providing covert Outboard Motor Tracking and Security systems to water enthusiasts globally, for years. Greg McGarry of Halo Group takes a look at the issue…

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Truck Recovered After Theft

Truck Recovered After Theft

Dolphin Haulage in the town of Midleton, Cork, Ireland have Halo Group to thank for preventing the theft of €100,000 of heavy machinery!

Mark Dolphin, proprietor, who refers to his Halo Group GPS Tracker as his “Mobile Tracker” to differentiate it from his GPS Fleet Management trackers in his Trucks, attached it to a parked ‘low-loader’ trailer on the night of March 28th. Sitting on the trailer was a Volvo BM 6×6. The load was due to be hauled at 6am on Friday March 29th.
Around 1.30am on the Friday morning (March 29th) Mr Dolphin’s cellphone woke him. He was receiving alerts from his ‘Mobile Tracker’ advising him that the “Shock Sensor” was being triggered. This immediately indicated that his rig was being tampered with.
Quick acting, Mark called the local Police and gave them the location of the truck. He also drove there rapidly himself -not being far away, but had the presence of mind not to engage the thieves himself fearing being attacked. Instead, he observed them quietly and updated the Police control room via his cellphone who in turn communicated developments to the responding Patrol vehicles.
In less than an hour, Mark’s equipment was safe and three criminals were behind bars in a Police station facing a stretch in prison.

Background: Theft of Plant & Machinery is on the rise with much of the equipment being shipped out of the country from where it was stolen within hours. Don’t fall prey to this easily preventable crime. Contact us today!
For more information on our GPS Asset Trackers and how they can protect your equipment please contact us:

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